Using PowerPoint Custom Shows for Sales Presentations

My client is a system integrator who designs, installs and supports communications systems for enterprises.  The company offers a number of different solutions based on the customer’s specific needs.

The company’s sales presentations include a general pitch about the company’s experience and expertise along with specific slides featuring one of the solutions in its portfolio.

PowerPoint’s “custom shows” feature offers a way for the company to provide a single “master file” to its sales force that can be easily used to give a generic presentation or specific presentations that offer one of the solutions.  There a couple of advantages to this approach:

  • Sales people do not have to copy, insert or hide slides to prepare a specific presentation.
  • The company has a single PowerPoint file to distribute and maintain.

The only disadvantage is that the sales person has to select a custom show to begin his presentation rather than simply clicking on Slide Show.

Here’s how to set up the custom shows (a simplified example):

  • In the Slide Show ribbon, select Custom Slide Shows/Custom Shows…  In the Custom Shows pane, select New.  A list of the slides in the file appears.
  • Enter a name for the custom show (Solution A).

  • Highlight the appropriate slides in the file and click Add to add them to the show; the custom show Solution A contains the “boilerplate” and the slide for Solution A only:

  • Continue to create custom shows for Solution B and C.
  • To present a specific show, the presenter (sales person) opens the file, goes to the Slide Show ribbon, selects Custom Slide Show and selects the appropriate custom show by name (Solution A):
  • This starts the presentation (Slide Show mode).

This client also serves several markets (e.g., healthcare, federal government);custom shows could be set up for these markets.   For example, the problem statement and experience/customers slides could be oriented towards a healthcare customer.

I’ve written a post on a similar technique (Breaking Out: Nonlinear PowerPoint) that allows the presenter to navigate through a presentation “on the fly” using hyperlinks to adjust the material to the specific audience.  The custom show feature solves a similar problem but does not provide real time customization.  On the other hand, it also does not require a that the presenter use a pointing device.


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