Animating a “Breakthrough” in PowerPoint – Part 2

This is the second in a series on using a “breakthrough” animation to dramatically introduce a brand, product or other “punch line.” This example is simpler than the version in the previous post:


NOTE: This post has been revised – the original version asked you to use Freeform drawing to create the breakthrough fragments. If you aren’t comfortable with this method, I’ll show you how to use standard shapes and the Merge Shapes operations to draw the fragments.

In this animation, two fragments break away from each other revealing the message. Here’s how to create the fragment shapes:

  • For the top fragment, draw a Rectangle (shown in blue) covering the top part of the slide and extending an inch or so to the left:


  • Now make a shape to Subtract from this rectangle to form the top fragment. Add a Right Triangle (dark gray) to approximate the angle needed to create the bottom edge of the shape:


  • Add a series of Triangles (light gray) covering the upper edge of the right triangle. Use various shapes, rotations and sizes – these will create the ragged lower edge of the upper fragment:


  • Select all the triangles (including the large one) and use Merge Shape/Union to combine into a single shape and Subtract it from the blue Rectangle. This completes the upper fragment:


  • Duplicate the slide and add a Rectangle (shown in green) covering the lower edge of the upper fragment. Extend this rectangle to the right to match the horizontal dimension of the upper fragment:


  • Subtract the upper fragment from the green rectangle to form the lower fragment:


Now, use the fragment shapes to divide the background photo:

  • Position the photo on a slide. Duplicate the slide and copy the upper fragment to the slide. It will retain its position. Intersect the upper fragment with the photo:


  • Repeat the process to form the lower fragment of the photo.
  • Copy the two photo fragments to a slide (outlined in red for clarity):


The animation is accomplished by Spin effects applied to the two fragments. To establish the pivot point/center for the spins, add a circle to each fragment, centered at the desired pivot point and larger than the fragment. Here is the upper fragment and its “centering circle:”


Group the fragment and the circle so that the group spins as a unit. The pivot point is the same for the lower fragment – add the appropriate circle to the lower fragment. I used Drawing Guides to center the two circles.

To complete the animation, apply Zoom to the text and Spins to the fragments as shown here (I also added a shadow to the upper fragment):


If you want to see more details, use the link below and click on the PowerPoint icon to download a free “source” PowerPoint file containing this project:

Powerpointy blog – Animating a breakthrough part 2 u

See this page for more on downloading files.

If you have questions, praise or complaints, please add a comment below. If you appreciate my efforts, liking or following this blog might be a good idea.



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