Animation: Hourglass

father time

This post uses techniques outlined in my previous post on liquids to create an animated hourglass. You might want to look at that post.

The hourglass is constructed from standard PowerPoint shapes, except for the glass itself and its highlights:

hrglass 1

Here are some details:

  • The top and bottom of the columns are elongated Chord shapes.
  • The glass is drawn using the same conventions as the glassware in the “liquids” post: transparent color and highlights. The shapes are hand drawn (Freeforms) but could be constructed using the PowerPoint 2010 Merge Shape tools.
  • Symmetric parts have been created once and duplicated and flipped.

The “sand” consists of 3 additional parts placed in back of the glass:

hrglass 2

The upper and lower parts of the sand are shapes derived from the glass (point edited or the Merge Shapes tools). The descending stream is an elongated Rounded Rectangle.

Here’s the animation:

Here’s the animation pane:

hrglass 3

  • The upper sand shape exits with a Wipe From Top effect.
  • At the same time the stream quickly enters with a Wipe From Top effect.
  • After the stream enters, the lower sand shape enters with Wipe From Bottom effect.
  • Just before the end of the lower sand shape effect, the stream exits with a Collapse From Top effect.

If you would like your very own free copy of a PowerPoint file containing these effects, use the link below and click on the PowerPoint icon to download a “source” PowerPoint file:

Powerpointy blog – animated hourglass

See this page for more on downloading files.

If you have questions, praise or complaints, please add a comment below. If you appreciate my efforts, liking or following this blog might be a good idea.


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