Rather than provide excruciating details in my posts on PowerPoint techniques, I often provide a free PowerPoint file with details of the techniques. The purpose of these files is to provide “source” examples to help you learn and apply the techniques to your own creations.

Here are some notes on these files:

  • In the past, I provided a contact form and emailed the files to readers who requested them. Some readers were reluctant to provide their email addresses so I have now provided a link so that the files can be directly downloaded.
  • The files are not intended to be “templates” in the sense that they can be plugged into your presentation and adapted with a few keystrokes. That would take a lot of work on my part, for which I would have to be paid.
  • The files are provided as a courtesy and no payment is required. You are free to use the content in any way you please, except selling any part of the content.
  • Within limits, I can respond to questions although there are no guarantees. Please use blog comments for questions.

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